OuterLibrary Loan

What is Outerlibrary Loan?
Outerlibrary Loan (OLL) is a free service that gives access to library materials (both academic and public) that our library system doesn't own. You must have a valid library card with no more than $10 in fines to utilize this service.

What can I request via OLL?
OLL is for items that are not available in LINKcat and are at least 6 months old. Check LINKcat, the library's catalog, to see if a library in the South Central Library System owns the material before submitting OLL requests.

How long does it take to get materials this way? 
A realistic response time is two to three weeks, but it can be shorter or longer, depending on the availability and location of the item.

How will I know my item has arrived? 
You will be notified by phone or email (depending on your preference) when the item you've requested is available for you.

How long can I keep these materials? 
Checkout periods vary and are often shorter than those of our library. The checkout period is determined by the owning library, not WPL.

Can I renew my OLL materials?
Renewals are also determined by the owning library, so this varies by item. When you pick up your item, we will let you know if a renewal is available. 

How do I place a request? 
You may place your OLL requests with the help of a library staff member, either in person, or by phone (608 849-4217) OR fill out the online form available here. You can check item availability on WorldCat (global catalog) here.

If you have questions about OLL or your request, please contact wauoll@waupl.org, call (608) 849-4217, or visit us at the library.