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Free Email Account: Many online job listings require an email to submit an application. If you don’t have an email address, you can register for a free email account at Gmail or

Computer Skills: Brush up on your computer skills with these free resources compiled by the South Central Library System. This page include checklists to identify areas to improve, tutorials for a wide range of skill levels, information on internet security, and more.


Job Hunting


Explore Careers: If you’re unsure where to start, resources like SkillExplorer and My Next Move can help you explore careers based on your past experience and skills.

Job Listings: Once you’re ready to start looking for job listings, there are many different websites to search and browse. South Central Library System has compiled a list of major, state, local, and specialized websites here.




Resume: Job Center of Wisconsin has free virtual workshops on resume writing either prerecorded or live (Registration Required). Free sites like ResumeGenius and can help you build and format a resume from scratch. ResumeGenius also has tips for writing an effective resume here.

  • Watch Rock Your Resume! with Nikki Ryberg, Certified Professional Resume Writer. View Nikki's Resume Cheat Sheet here.

Cover Letter: Goodwill Industries offers a helpful breakdown of what makes a good cover letter along with a short video tutorial with step-by-step instructions. ResumeGenius also has a free cover letter builder online.




Interview Guides: Goodwill Industries has a comprehensive guide of things to know for preparing, acing, and following up an interview. They also have a helpful section on what employers aren’t allowed to ask.

Interview Videos: South Central Library System also has several videos of interview tips here.




Dane County Job Center - Job Service Assistance is available for help with Job Center of Wisconsin registration, resumes, cover letters, job applications and unemployment benefits.

Job Center of Wisconsin - Register for an account to get one-on-one job search assistance, create a resume, search and apply for jobs, view virtual workshops, and more.

Unemployment Benefits Information - Apply for benefits, file weekly claims, and get answers about the unemployment process from the Department of Workforce Development.

WorkSmart Network - Offers help finding a job, tips on resumes and cover letters, and training to move you forward.

Waunakee Neighborhood Connection - Neighborhood Connection’s team can help you with job searches, completing job applications, interview preparation, and more.

Centro Hispano - Services include searching and applying to jobs online, resume creation, practicing for interviews, and creating pathways for next educational and workforce steps with a focus on clients with different language, digital skills, and educational background levels.

Urban League of Greater Madison - Offers a broad array of career assessment, training, coaching and placements services.

Veterans Employment Resources - The Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs offers a wide variety of services and resources to veterans at all stages of their career.