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Historic Waunakee in Pictures  Historic Waunakee Photographs

  We have over 2200 photos of historic Waunakee in our digital collection.


Waunakee Newspaper Archive 1896-2006

Search Waunakee newspapers from 1896-2006 through NewspaperArchive.com.


Waunakee Walking Tour

Take a historic walking tour of Waunakee created by Waunakee High School students. To begin, click here.


Origins, Immigration, and CommunityHow We Got Here - Origins, Immigration, and Community

Watch a fascinating video about Waunakee's immigration stories.

Through a grant from the Wisconsin Humanities Council, WPL interviewed community members about where their families originated, how they came to the United States, and how they became part of Waunakee.


  Michael Simon Family of Builders: History and Recollections

  View a digital copy of the book to learn more about the history of Simon Builders.



Dane County Plat Maps: Note: the village of Waunakee is located within Westport township

Westport Township 1861 (Waunakee was not a village until 1871, but "LESTER P.O." includes the area of present-day Waunakee)

Westport Township 1873 (click top left section to zoom in)

Westport Township 1890

Westport Township 1899

Westport Township 1911 (see index for photographs of Dane county schoolhouses and list of merchants in 1911)



Historic Waunakee Books in UW Digital Collections

Waunakee Centennial Book 1971
People Pleasing Recipes 1996

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