You Gotta Have Friends

Tuesday, January 17, 2017 - 6:30pm to 8:30pm

How to make friends when you’re over 50

We all want to have friends. We all want to be a friend. Someone to talk to and maybe go to a show with this weekend. But it gets hard after 50 to meet someone you can do things with and talk to.

Mary Helen Conroy is a reinvention life coach for mid-life and the newly retired. She believes that life is a daring adventure and she’s not done yet. She knows you’re not either. She’s also the co-founder of, a podcast for building an inspired retirement. At 61 she started three new businesses and challenged herself to make new friends.

This program is sponsored by SAIL, presentation by the Retiree Rebels.

Sharing Active Independent Lives (SAIL) is a vibrant non-profit membership organization of people 55+ who reside in the Dane county area. SAIL members wish to remain active, independent, in their own homes, and socially connected, and have found that navigating the many changes brought on by age is much easier with the resources offered by SAIL.

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Please register to attend this program by calling the library at 608-849-4217.