Limited Re-opening on June 15

Monday, June 15th is the first day of our limited re-opening! We can't wait to (safely) see you (from at least six feet away!), and appreciate your patience and understanding as we get used to this next stage of service. Check these images for some things to know about our limited re-opening! For more information, click here or call us at (608) 849-4217.

 Limited Re-opening: -- Access the Lobby, History Hall, and Restrooms -- Capacity limited to 24 patrons at one time -- Masks strongly encouraged -- Social distancing requiredBrowsing / Checking Out: -- New Items, Lucky Day collections, Themed Displays, and Staff Picks will be available to browse in the lobby (This includes adult and juvenile items) -- Self-check onlyHolds: --Your holds are already checked out and bagged --Pick up on tables in History Hall by last name --Curbside Pick up available upon request --Just like before the closures, pick up within a week of notification that your hold is ready or it will be returned.Computers / Copiers: -- Computers and copiers available for one hour, by appointment only -- Please have exact change when paying for prints ($0.10/page for black and white, $0.50/page for color)Returns: -- Outside book drop only -- Current return hours: Tuesdays 9am-8:30pm Saturdays 9am-2pm -- Storyboxes and Activity Kits will be accepted when weather allows us to put out the collection tables Hours / Contact Us: --Monday-Tuesday 9am-9pm --Wednesday-Friday 9am-5pm --Saturday 10am-2pm  Call 608-849-4217 for any questions or to schedule a pick up!