Friends of the Library Scrappy Sewers

Get some of your holiday shopping done early and help support the Friends! The Scrappy Sewers have been busy sewing totes, pillowcases, towels, microwave cozies, seasonal-themed masks, and more! Masks are availble in kid's and adult sizes, and totes and microwave cozies are available in both large and small sizes. All items come in a variety of patterns.








-Masks (all sizes): $6

-Pillowcases: $6

-Towels: $4-$5, depending on size

-Tote bags: $20 (small) or $25 (large)

-Microwave cozies:$6 (2-3 cup size) or $8 (7 cup size)

To order, please contact Jean by phone or text at 608-852-6741 or email at