Enhance Your Library Experience

Are you aware of all the great services we offer? We provide a wide variety of options, so you can be sure to make the most of your library experience.

Lucky Day Collection

Are you dying to read the latest and greatest NOW, but there is a long list of holds? We have the answer!  Instead of waiting months for books with long holds, come in to the library and it will be your LUCKY DAY.  You can check out a high demand book immediately!


Are you ready for vacation but the book you REALLY want to read has hundreds of holds?  Fear not--we have a number of e-readers pre-loaded with popular titles available for checkout. 

Suspend Your Holds

Do all the books you request come in at the same time?  Do you want to get several books on CD to take on a road trip, but want them on a certain date?  We can make that happen!  You can put a book or CD on hold and "suspend" it. For example, if you suspend your hold and you are number 20 on the holds list, you will still move up the list.  Once you make it to #1 on the list, you will remain #1.  When you "un-suspend" the item, you will  get the next available copy.   You can also set up a specific date (a few days before vacation for example) to "un-suspend" it.

To suspend holds online:

  • Put your book on hold.
  • Look to the far right and click on "suspend."  When you want the book, simply click on "resume."
  • If you know what date you want to resume (maybe a few days before a trip), after you suspend, just type in the date you want to resume.
  • As always, feel free to call the library and we can assist you.

Hot Spots

We now offer a wi-fi hotspot for patron use and checkout. A wi-fi hotspot allows users to connect devices to the internet by using data. The hotspot can be checked out for up to a week. For those without home internet access, this gives them the ability to connect their devices from home. For more information about the wi-fi hotspot, see our Wi-Fi Hotspot Use Policy.

Desperate Reader

Are you a Desperate Reader? Not sure what to read next?  Fill out an online form and our library experts will send you 3 book suggestions.


We have pre-loaded learning tablets for kids and adults available for check out.

ADULTS:  Two are loaded with brain games, one is for learning English phrases, and one for learning Spanish.

KIDS: These high-quality learning apps are grouped together by subject area, theme, grade level and age. From math and monkeys to science and superheroes, every Launchpad is a new adventure.  Your kids will love them!  Our collection was made possible by grants from the Technology Education Foundation, Berbee Derby and The American Girl’s Fund for Children.  For kids ages 3- 10+. 

For Licensed Daycare Providers

Multimedia story kits are available for a 14 day loan. Check out one of our multimedia daycare kits, designed specifically for daycare and preschools. Each kit includes a combination of books, media, and toys to help teach and encourage play. Topics include community helpers, Wisconsin, weather, colors and shapes and more!

Fine Free teacher cards

We offer fine-free card for teachers and daycare providers so you do not have to use your personal cards for holds or checkouts on classroom materials.

Programming Newsletters

Sign up to get our monthly newsletters for adult and/or kids programming.  We offer a wide variety of entertaining FREE programs on a regular basis.