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Library Building Project Update

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New Library Updates

We are very excited to be moving forward in our planning process for a new facility.  Discussions about a new facility have been occurring at a board level for about ten years.  In 2006, an ad hoc committee looked at seventeen locations around the community, before selecting the four which would best suit the community.  We are hoping to move forward with one of those finalists, the Alloy site, in the near future.

In the last year or so, the library board has begun working with the Village Board to complete more formal steps in our process.  On December 7, 2015, the Village Board approved funding for the first phase of architectural planning and to hire a consultant to conduct a campaign feasibility study to determine fundraising potential in the village.

Memorials & Other Donations

Donations to the new library (including donations on behalf of someone or in memory of a loved one) can be mailed to the library.  Checks should be made payable to "WCF, Inc.-New Library Project."  An acknowledgement will be sent from the Library Board and the Community Foundation.


The library provides the following documents for those who are interested in viewing them:

McDonald Schaefer - Capital Campaign Proposal - Jan. 2015

McDonald Schaefer - Feasibility Study Proposal - Jan. 2015

McDonald-Schaefer contract

OPN Architects contract

Planning schedule for new library

Project Meeting Minutes 12-14-15

Project Meeting Minutes 1-11-16

Project Meeting Minutes 1-25-16

Project Meeting Minutes 2-8-16

Project Meeting Minutes 2-24-16

Project Meeting Minutes 3-14-16

Project Meeting Minutes 5-23-16

Project Meeting Minutes 7-11-16

Project Meeting Minutes 11-28-16

Project Meeting Minutes 2-27-17