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Friday, October 20, 2017 - 1:00pm to 2:30pm

Local Author Benedict Di Salvo will discuss his book "Sicilian Loves: A Story of Love, Food and Conflict."

“Sicilian Loves” is about a young boy, then a man, and his world, whose love transcended time, who could mesh memories with the present, turn recollections into sharp images and, like a well-written recipe, transform ordinary ingredients into delicacies garnished with stories of “Years ago…”

Who could forget? Five chapters – each is one day in his life and decades apart – are stages in Cosimo’s life. “Sicilian Loves” weaves true-to-life people, events, recipes, stories, anecdotes and memories that you will not forget.

Thirty years of life before, and thirty years of life after his famous Di Salvo’s Restaurant burned to the ground is the essence of this book. When time and love are blended, neither moves or remains still – it just is. It doesn’t matter if it just five days or 30,000… Cosimo died at age 83.

Before my father’s health condition became critical, we worked on writing the book. He drafted, with cryptic comments, the recipes he held dearly yet shared so generously throughout his life. It doesn’t matter how long you knew him – a lifetime or hours, or not at all – perhaps you will see his twinkling eyes and his “evil eye” (only in jest) or hear his wit and humor. These descriptions may give you cause to smile and reminisce, do a little writing of your own and, as he would declare, “And cook every day, no matter how you feel. Tu me capisci?”

This is a real life story starting in the early 1900’s, with classic photographs, authentic Old World recipes and tedious traditions, and conflicts with contentious Sicilian “Families” – all converge to convey a powerful story of Sicilian loyalty, loves, deeds and misdeeds, values and food – “Justa fo’ you!”