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Rainbow Gardens is an epic tale of trolls and men. Japanese immigrant Harry Shikita dreams of becoming a successful businessman by building Rainbow Gardens, Minnesota's first neon-lit motel. But the 1920s are a tough time to be Asian in America, and Harry must deal not only with prejudice and foul play, but also the trolls.

Jim Malone has had a long career in writing, from senior writer at a mid-size advertising agency to senior communications and public affairs positions in federal and state agencies. His body of work includes award-winning ads, countless news releases and op-eds, as well as speeches and position papers.

The inspiration for Rainbow Gardens was born many years ago, but as its scope grew, Malone realized that the time required for researching and writing would be a full-time job--something that he already had. The outline and first chapters languished in his file cabinet for some 10 years. Along came the Internet, which opened vast new vistas for research. He currently lives in Waunakee with his wife and two daughters. Learn more about Malone and his work at